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Managed Services

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Data modeling

Our data scientists have experience with applying statistical methods to a variety of problems in clinical research. We can help you adapt and apply techniques for comparative effectiveness assessment, signal detection, model based data visualization, language as well as predictive modeling methods to your research.


Model validation

Through our expanding healthcare research network, we we aim to bridge the gap between patient care and research. We are able to provide access to de-identified, research grade longitudinal data from inpatient practices in Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology and Nephrology. In conjunction, we also offer model validation services against such patient data repositories.

Analyzing Data

Expert led data standardization

High precision mapping of data elements is essential to ensure integrity of data transformation workflows. We engage with subject matter experts with experience in clinical development and clinical data standards to generate and critically review data element maps that guide the transformations to the target data models. In conjunction, we also offer a data validation service that verifies the ability of transformed data sets to recapitulate established scientific findings.

Colorful Books

Literature search and review

Conducting a systematic literature review requires a combination of skill, effort and discipline. Our team of clinical researchers will help you design a search strategy, identify relevant data bases, curate, assimilate and synthesize evidence while generating publication grade documentation.

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Medical writing

Our writers are conversant in medical regulation and with experience in developing patient materials, study protocols, statistical analysis plans, abstracts, posters and manuscripts

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