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Some really hard problems in clinical development lie within our focus. Making significant headway in these requires exceptional interdisciplinary skills in data engineering, machine learning, biostatistics and clinical research informatics. If you work in one or more of these areas and would like to see your work have measurable impact on clinical research and patients’ lives, talk to us about how we can work together and we'll find one that works for you. 

why we are awesome!

  • We have positions available for interns, developers as well as NLP scientists

  • Our compensation structures are benchmarked with the the most progressive norms in the industry

  • We encourage hybrid (remote/in-person) working arrangements

  • We feel good about sharing what we learn from our work and aim to publish actively at scientific meetings and in journals relevant to our work

  • We encourage a culture of collaborative learning and discovery that is based on team science, fairness and mutual respect.

  • We can sometimes spot opportunities to align Master’s/PhD theses with some of our own milestones. We are happy to explore mentoring/co-advising opportunities if these help degree candidates chart out  strong career paths.

We are looking for creative problem solvers to co-innovate with us within a niche that lies at the intersection of clinical data-management, life sciences research and AI.

We’d appreciate if you could take the quiz given alongside and self-assess your fit with our team

  1. You actively look for opportunities to advance an inclusive, safe and respectful work environment (Yes/No)

  2. You value professional integrity and hold yourself to a high standard of ethical principles and values (Yes/No)

  3. You take ownership, manage your time and collaborate to discover impact pathways (Yes/No)

  4. Learning something new brings great joy and you look for opportunities to share this happiness by reciprocating with kindness and knowledge (Yes/No)

  5. You work in NLP research (Yes/No)

  6. You build novel applications that use NLP frameworks (Yes/No)

  7. You are a full stack developer (Yes/No)

  8. You dabble in applied math/statistics (Yes/No)

  9. You obsess over writing elegant, modular and readable code (Yes/No)

  10. You can write clearly and tersely (Yes/No)

If you answered each of Qs 1-4, at least two from Qs 5-10 with a ‘Yes’ and would like to contribute to some cool tech that will eventually touch the lives of millions of patients, please fill out eh form below or drop us a line at as soon as you can!

internships: what to expect

We are eager to work with young learners who are eager to test their skills against hard, real-world problems, enjoy participating in interdisciplinary work that is at the forefront of medical & CS research and are passionate about making an impact with their skills. If you are considering an internship at Miimansa, knowing what to expect can be helpful.


  • Training our intern engineers and scientists to think independently is an important objective of the internship. We work closely with you to arrive at a formulation that is mutually interesting and set you up to access the compute, data and mentoring resources that you need. We then expect you to own your project

  • An internship at Miimansa could be an opportunity to develop methodology, pressure test Master’s/PhD theses or to simply pick up new skills. It is important to have clear goals. We ask internship applicants to write a short ”aims statement” to get them thinking about their goals and what might be needed to achieve them.

  • A lot of what we do involves patient data. Educating our interns on the ethics of data-driven medical research is a key focus of our internship program. We expect our interns to strictly follow our data access protocols


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